What is typing, by which methods is typing done?

What is typing, by which methods is typing done? - For basic information related to typing, be sure to read this post, about the definition of typing and the methods of typing.

Typing is an art of technical writing in which TEXT is written via fingerers on a typewriter and through fingers or voice on a computer. But from a business point of view typing is simply called TEXT in which motion is written by means of fingers.

Whether you are a typewriter or a computer, if you write English TEXT, it is called English typing and if you write Hindi TEXT, it is called Hindi typing. This is to say that the language of which you input TEXT is called typing of the same language.

According to the alphabetical arrangement of languages, the arrangement of typing in them also varies. Since typing is done by the keyboard through fingers, keyboard layouts have been defined for typing. Since computer or other technology has developed in western countries, ie in the English language itself, the keyboard is automatically enabled for English typing in whatever device it is. Whenever you touch the keyboard, English characters are typed as the primary language.

What is VOICE INPUT, how to use it?

If you want to type in a language other than English, then you have to use the typing tools and methods available for that language. Since we are talking about Hindi typing here, let me tell you that there are two methods for Hindi typing. The first method is Unicode typing and the second is non-Unicode typing.

FONTS is used to show the TEXT typed in a computer. FONTS is used according to typing tools. Let us first talk about typing NON UNICODE TYPING. For NON UNICODE TYPING you use NON UNICODE fonts (LEGACY FONTS eg- KRUTIDEV 010, KRUTIDEV 016, DEVLYS 010 FONTS).

You do not need any software for typing in LEGACY FONTS, just enough to have LEGACY FONTS. If you have LEGACY FONTS in your computer then you can easily do Hindi typing.

What are LEGACY FONTS, how to do typing in them?

If talking about Hindi Unicode typing, then I would like to say that Hindi UNICODE fonts (eg- MANGAL, KOKILA, APARAJITA, UTSAAH, UTKARSH etc.) are used to type in Hindi Unicode and show the typed TEXT. For your information, let us know that for typing Hindi Unicode you will need Hindi UNICODE INPUT LAYOUT.

What is Unicode Hindi FONTS, how to type in it?

Hope you have understood what Hindi typing is, how many methods are available for Hindi typing. You can do Hindi typing easily by selecting any method from the available method.
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