Why Hindi Unicode (Mangal font) typing is important

Why Hindi Unicode (Mangal font) typing is important - When Hindi typing is done with fonts like Kritidev, Devalis, then why Mangal font is needed and why Mangal font typing 

If you belong to the typing field, then you would know that nowadays Mars font is a big word of typing. Everywhere, in every exam, Mangal font typing is being demanded in the skill test. Those who have learned typing or typing on fonts such as Kritidev, Devlis in typewriters or computers are well aware that typing from fonts like KRUTIDEV, DEVLYS and more than 50 percent of the departments in the office like KRUTIDEV, DEVLYS Official works are being done by typing Hindi from the font itself. Now the question comes, what is the reason why except for a font like KRUTIDEV, DEVLYS, why are we lying behind a new font 'Mars font'?

♦ How to do tapping in Mangal font?

The only reason for this is that fonts like KRTUIDEV 010, DEVLYS 016 are LEGACY fonts which do not provide actual Hindi typing but only show English as Hindi. And where these fonts are not there, instead of appearing in Hindi, the font of these fonts looks very strange in English. Many times even the problem is that in the typed matter, Sh is replaced by Sh, Sh instead of Sh, Sh becomes Sh in place of Sh, so that the whole matter has to be corrected by looking at us unnecessarily. Our time is destroyed.

♦ What are the benefits of Unicode typing?

If there is no such problem, then a method has been developed whereby the typed Hindi Matter is visible in Hindi everywhere, irrespective of whether the computer has a font or not. This method is called Hindi Unicode typing method. It requires Unicode input attider / method for typing. INPUT METHOD you understand its lack or feature, without it you can not do typing in Hindi Unicode. It is amazing of Hindi Unicode that you are able to read this post. If this post was typed in a font like Kritidev, Devlis, then I myself would not have read it too.

Hindi Unicode is such a technique, so the character of each language gives a certain identity in the computer world. Just like Aadhaar card in India, so is the Unicode in the computer.

What is the difference between Krutidev and Mangal font ?

Just like LEGACY typing, KRUTIDEV 010, KRUITDEV 016, DEVLYS 010 are famous fonts, so is the name 'Mangal' in Unicode. Know that you cannot use LEGACY font for Unicode typing. Separate Unicode fonts have been developed for this, of which Mars font is the most popular, for this reason Unicode typing is called Mars font typing.

♦ Complete information about LEGACY FONTS

Since fonts like KRUTIDEV, DEVLYS are being used in abundance, instructions were issued by the Government of India vide letter dated 17 Feb 2012 to all the departments that KRUTIDEV for Hindi typing replaced the unicode system of MANGAL FONT in place of DEVLYS font. Used to facilitate viewing, accessing, copy-pasting typed matter, or other database management. New youths should not be unaware of this technique, but should be appointed in different departments through this, so since the year 2012, instructions were given to take skill tests like Hindi typing, Hindi shorthand in all departments only on Unicode font. In pursuance of the instructions, the State Governments have issued circulars from time to time, restricting fonts such as Kritidev, Devalis and the process of using Unicode itself.

♦ Download all circulars issued in relation to Hindi Unicode

If you have seen this circular then you must have understood why Mars is being beaten everywhere except popular fonts like Kritidev, Devlis. This circular is the reason that in most departments today you will get the option of typing on the Mars font for the skill test. But the convenience of typing in Kritidev, Devalis font has also been taken into consideration and in addition to Inscript in Unicode, the option of keyboard like Remington Gal, Remington CBI has been given.
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