What is VOICE INPUT, how to use it?

What is VOICE INPUT, how to use it? What is VOICE INPUT METHOD, how it works and how to type in Hindi using it? Know the whole process in easy words…

VOICE INPUT As the name suggests, voice input. This is the most modern technology for inputting TEXT in a computer. It does not require a keyboard. What is spoken directly is converted to TEXT and that too into Unicode TEXT.

To use this technique you will need SPEECH TO TEXT software. There are many free and premium SPEECH TO TEXT software available on the Internet which you can use at your convenience. GOGLE VOICE INPUT is a free software, which is completely free. You can try it if you want.

This technique is used by people who do not have typing or who want to do Hindi typing with high speed anytime, anywhere without learning typing. Because it directly changes your VOICE to TEXT. You do not need any type of keyboard or typing knowledge for this. Just say whatever you want and your voice will be typed. Although this technology is available in every Android mobile, people are not familiar with it and most people use the Transliteration (PHONETIC) keyboard only.

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Talking about its advantages, it is very easy to use. For this you do not need any kind of arrangement like meeting, keyboard, enough space, typing knowledge etc. Just speaking properly should come. Then you can do typing in whatever language you want. Another good thing is that it types at the speed of your speaking, that is, if you speak 160 words per minute, then this technique will type the same word in one minute.

It is not that there are no shortcomings in it. Except other languages, we speak Hindi. If you are typing voice in Hindi, then your voice should be very clear. If your voice is not clear then your voice will be something else and the result will be something else. For those whose voice is not clear, it is not at all useful. The second drawback is that in Hindi it does not use grammar marks, although in English it is a feature that you can use punctuation only by speaking. But in Hindi punctuation such as full stop, comma, questioner etc. is to be used manually.

So it was aware of its features and shortcomings. You can use this technique once if you do not know typing, and you do Hindi typing in your mobile or computer using the Phonetic / Translation Keyboard. I am sure you will like VOICE TO TEXT technology over transliteration.

If you are a typist then there is no problem because you can do Hindi Unicode typing through a keyboard like Remington or Inscript. But if you do not know typing or you have a good voice, a good speaking experience, then you can easily do chatting, social media, blogging in Hindi using this technique instead of fingers.

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How did you like this information, please tell us through comments. If you are facing any problem in using this technique, you can still tell us. We will provide the solution to your problem.
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