What are the drawbacks and benefits of INDIC INPUT 3?

Before using INDIC INPUT 3, know this special thing, otherwise you will find it one of the biggest problems in the online typing practice…

Currently most of the users are using WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8.1 or WINDOWS 10 and for these WINDOWS, INDIC INPUT 2, INDIC INPUT 3 have been developed which is why most friends use INDIC INPUT 2 or INDIC INPUT 3 in their computers. And they often have some problem.

In the previous post, we have discussed the features and drawbacks of INDIC INPUT 2. In this post, we will talk about what are the features and shortcomings of INDIC INPUT 3. If you are using INDIC INPUT 3 in your computer then you must read this post.

Let's know about the features of INDIC INPUT 3. First of all, it features Remington CBI and Transliteration Keyboard. Yes, you will get only two keyboard layouts in it, so there is not likely to be much confusion.

Where to download INDIC INPUT 3?

Secondly, it provides you with the facility of virtual keyboard. If you are learning typing new then you can enable typing by looking at the button of the keyboard by enabling the virtual keyboard. Apart from this, it does not ask for double specials like INDIC INPUT 2, whether you are typing online or offline. Individuals whose INDIC INPUT 1 does not work can use INDIC INPUT 3.

So this was information about its features. Now let's talk about its shortcomings. Yes, there are drawbacks in this and it is equally important for you to know about them. Otherwise you will be unnecessarily upset.

Which is the best INDIC INPUT?

The first problem is that it does not support online typing. Although the online typing does this, the script of the online site does not support the TEXT inputted by it, due to which the RED CURSOR does not move in the original case even though the TEXT is typed. Since the cursor does not move, you do not get any results on the online typing tutor, even if you type the entire paragraph.

If you are thinking of typing online, then this version of INDIC INPUT 3 is not going to give you much benefit, but with this you can do offline typing comfortably.

Know here the features of INDIC INPUT 1.

Another problem is that it only offers two keyboard layouts - REMINGTON CBI and TRANSLITERATION. If you want to type on the Remington Gal keyboard, you will need to install INDIC INPUT 1. Its virtual keyboard is also view-only. It does not work with a mouse click so you cannot create a video guide using it even if you want.

This was information about Indic Input 3's features and drawbacks. Hope you liked this post. How was the information, tell us through comments. If you have any question or suggestion, you can also tell us through comments.

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