How to install Remington Layout in WINDOWS 7

Do you have WINDOWS 7 and you want to install Remington Gal, Remington CBI Keyboard for typing Mars font ...

Friends, this post describes how to set up the Mars font ie Remington Gal of Hindi Unicode, Remington CBI Keyboard in WINDOWS 7. If you have read our other posts, then you will know that to use keyboards like Mars Remington Gal, Remington CBI, you will need Hindi Indic input software in your computer. If you have Hindi Indic Input Software installed on your computer, you can use the keyboard like Remington Gal, Remington CBI in your computer by following the procedure as described in this post.

Where to download Hindi Indic input software?

After the Indic input software is installed, you have to follow the following procedure -

1- You have to first go to the control panel and select the REGIONAL & LANGUAGES option. As soon as you go to REGIONAL & LANGUAGES, you will see a dialog box from which you have to go to the second section KEYBOARD AND LANGUAGES. In this section you will get the option of CHANGE KEYBOARDS.

2- On clicking on CHANGE KEYBOARDS, you will see another dialog box in which information about language and input keyboard is given. In this, you have to click on ADD and select Hindi language from the new dialog box.

3- In Hindi language you will get the option of keyboard with plus button. In it, you have to check the Hindi INDIC IME 1 V 5.0 from the available keyboard by clicking on the keyboard. After this all settings have to be saved.

Your work is done, your computer is ready for typing on keyboard like Hindi Indic Input's Remington Gall, Remington CBI. If you do not know much in the computer, then the above information may seem strange to you but do not panic, we have also presented this entire process through a video to help you here. Watch the video below carefully and easily set the Remington Gal layout, Remington CBI layout of Hindi Indic input in your computer by following the action as described in it.

Why Hindi Unicode (Mangal font) typing is important

For your information, let us know that in this video, we have given complete information from downloading of Indic input software to using the layout on Remington of Indic input. Hopefully you will get full support from the video and after watching it you will have no remaining questions.

♦ 100+ shortcut keys useful for Mars font software

How was the information, please tell us through comments. If you are facing any technical problem you can still let us know. We will help you soon.
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