What is the difference between Krutidev and Mangal font ?

What is the difference between Krutidev and Mangal font? Krutidev typing Mangal font typing? Full information is given here…

If you are typing Hindi on a font like Krutidev, Devalis and are preparing for an exam then since you must have heard that Mangal font is going to come in your typing, shorthand skill test, then this question automatically came up in your mind What is the difference between Mangal font and Krutidev… ?? Let's answer your question in this post, that too in a very easy way.


First of all, know what is Mars and Krutidev. Both Mangal and Krutidev are Hindi fonts, which are used for Hindi typing. MANGAL is a Unicode Hindi font while Krutidev is a Devlis LEGACY Hindi font.


Now the question comes that when both are Hindi fonts and both are typing Hindi then what is the difference between them. KRUTIDEV, as stated earlier, are DEVLYS fonts LEGACY fonts, they feature the Remington keyboard in Hindi on the English keyboard itself. The TEXT typed in these fonts is not actually Hindi, only KRUTIDEV 010, DEVLYS 010 or the font in which it is typed only appears in Hindi. Apart from these, if any other font is selected, the matter of KRUTIDEV, DEVLYS font looks strange in English.

Whereas TEXT typed in font like Mangal, Kokila, Aparajita is actually Hindi which is visible in Hindi everywhere on computer, mobile, internet. Even if that font is not available on your computer, mobile. But your TEXT will not change from Hindi to English.


The difference of font is cleared, the question is what is the difference between typing of Krutidev and Mangal font. Let us elaborate.

First difference - we get only one keyboard for typing on Krutidev font, Devlis font, which is the Remington keyboard used on Hindi typewriters. However, two or three buttons have been changed on Krutidev, Devlis font. But the basic thing is that for typing Krutidev we have only one keyboard, on which we need to learn typing or come to typing.

While for Mars font typing 09 keyboard and voice input have also been arranged. Yes, of course, only 03 keyboards are used for typing tests etc. - INSCRIPT, REMINGTON GAIL and REMINGTON CBI KEYBOARDS. Thus Mangal font typing provides more input options than Krutidev typing by which everyone can type Hindi whether it is typing or new.

Second difference - Krutidev ta epping is not really Hindi typing, only Krutidev, Devalis font, his mater is visible in Hindi. If he is seen in e-mail, internet or mobile or if there are no fonts like Krutidev, De Vallis in the computer then he will look strange and you will not be able to read it.

Whereas, the type of Matter typed in Mars font is completely Hindi, wherever you look in mobile, internet, mail, computer, it will appear in Hindi only. Whether your computer has Hindi font or not.

Third difference - For Hindi typing with Krutidev we do not need any kind of software, just having Krutidev or Devlis font is enough. But for typing Mangal font it is necessary to have UNICODE INPUT METHOD (KEYBOARD, VOICE INPUT) in your computer, mobile etc. Without INPUT METHOD you cannot do typing in Mars font.

Fourth difference - Krutidev typing is not real Hindi typing, so grammar rules do not apply in it. If the option of SPELLING & GRAMMAR is not turned off in your MS WORD then your first letters are automatically replaced by A instead of A, K instead of A. Apart from this, if you want to create a mixed character in it, then you need shortcut keys like half f, tr, r, hm etc.

While Mangal font typing is completely based on Hindi grammar, you can use Halant to create mixed characters in it, such as - to make Hm, then after pressing Halant to press it. To make a nation's nation is to suppress it after t. Most of the time, you do not need shortcut keys to create simple and mixed characters.

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This was the difference between Krutidev and Mangal font typing. You must have understood from the above information that three keyboards for typing in Mangal font are used in different exams whereas Krutidev typing has only one keyboard. So now the main question arises how the three keyboard layouts of Mars font differ from Krutidev layout.
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